Food Processing

Industrial ceiling replacement in PennsylvaniaFood processing facility ceiling replacementThis is another food processing facility ceiling replacement.  FRP ceiling tile used to be the standard in process facilities; however, due to their texture, they are at risk of harboring salmonella, listeria, and other dangerous micro-organisms –  causing an increased risk of failed inspections at best, and costly recalls or Read More

General Contracting

Wood framing in Pennsylvania

Wood framing continues at AMVETS Post 274 in Carlisle, PA.  Roof framing is being achieved through the use of a combination of engineered wood trusses, as well as conventional lumber, in order to tie the new addition into the existing building.

Buidling structure repair in Carlisle, PASome of the challenges being faced include:  out-of-square and Read More

General Contracting

Concrete footers excavation

Where site grades and elevations accommodate their use, mass-poured concrete foundations are an efficient way to save time, and eliminate extra scheduling.  Conventional footers and foundations entail the following steps and sequence: excavate the footer trench, install continuous rebar reinforcing, pour the concrete footers, wait a day or more for Read More