Lee H. Castles, Owner Castles Commons January 22, 2018

I have known Mr. Galbraith personally and through business dealing with him over the last twenty years. I can attest to his good character. Mr. Galbraith has an individual pattern of moral strength, self-discipline, an upstanding reputation as well as the utmost respect of his peers and co-workers. He is very competent in seeing a project completed from start to finish with a hands-on approach.

Mr. Galbraith has done two projects for me, one a 16,000 square foot Home Center and a 29,000 square foot strip mall. Mr. Galbraith completed these projects with the utmost skill, talent, and aptitude. His integrity is impeccable as well as his honesty, sincerity and his high moral standards of conducting business.

My company has been doing business with Mr. Galbraith since 1980 without any problems. He is a very fair-minded person to deal with in this business. I have and will continue to recommend Mr. Galbraith to other businesses as well as friends who are in need of the services he has to offer.