Michael Norris, PE, Principal Michael L. Norris & Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers January 22, 2018

Having been involved with several linear accelerator projects throughout the country, I understand how difficult it can be for a design and construction team to deliver a finished and working facility in a timely manner. I have to say that Galbraith/Pre-Design, Inc. really excelled at providing the customer with a finished and working project in the tight time frame that was required. I believe that you and Mark both did a great job delivering a specialized space in a more efficient manner than I’ve seen performed by specialty contractors in this type of project anywhere.

You make it easy for us to design systems for your projects. From the start, the design team was able to define the building and site requirements quickly and clearly based on the information you provided. I could tell that forethought went into how the project should be built because you analyzed various systems and opted to use special shielding techniques that would allow the project to be completed in less time.

Your ability to involve specialized team members such as the radiation shielding specialists, the physicist and the medical equipment provider with the design and construction process early on allowed the architects and engineers to concisely design the building around all of the specialized equipment. This started off the entire process efficiently, which then gave the contractors sufficient time to build the job. You went the extra step for this important customer and spent the time, effort and resources up front that allowed for an expedited construction process. You got the materials ordered ahead of schedule, suggested modifications to the designed systems that would speed construction, and even did investigatory research to make sure there were no hidden problems with those changes.

Another thing that impressed me was the way that Galbraith/Pre-Design’s construction team used appropriate methods to assure a healthy environment for this healthcare setting. This was especially important because the adjoining space was occupied and fully operational during construction. You were there, on the spot as the HVAC system was being tested and balanced to make sure things were running properly, and when you saw inefficiencies, you made sure that the necessary steps were taken to correct the inefficiencies so that the client would have the best possible project in the end.

As construction was coming to completion and the medical imaging equipment was being tested and brought online, someone overheard the start-up people saying they felt that this was one of the best and most thoroughly built accelerator vault projects they had witnessed in their careers. That’s Quite a compliment, and somewhat rare in this line of work. Our congratulations go out to all members of the Galbraith/Pre-Design, Inc. project delivery team. I don’t know how you do it, but on all the projects with which I’ve ever been involved with your team, you always seem to have satisfied and happy customers after you “turn over the keys.”