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Hybrid ConsructionFor generations, building owners have debated over the advantages of one construction method over the other. Conventional wisdom was that traditional construction could meet requirements for irregular layouts, heavy loads, and multiple stories; while pre-engineered construction introduced advantages of shorter construction time and consistent engineering standards.

Today you can get both in one building—not an imitation of one embedded in the processes of another, but a true hybrid construction process that allows the strengths of each to play a valuable role.

This works because our partner, Butler Manufacturing™, takes a unique approach. Butler provides the necessary value engineering that brings these construction methods together for maximum efficiency and savings. The company manufactures all the parts in one manufacturing facility, so you receive a completely integrated product from a single source. A hybrid building solution integrates three types of primary structural steel (mill beam, three plate members and truss girders or hybrid combinations) with secondary structural members—either Zee purlins, truss purlins, or bar joists. Mezzanine or multi-story floor members are also included in a comprehensive structural design.

The Butler hybrid building solution integrates any wall material—such as masonry, EIFS, brick, glass, concrete, or metal wall systems—with a conventional or structural system to create the desired architectural effect.

Our partner manufacturer’s high performance, standing-seam metal roof system (MR-24® Roof System) is easily integrated into a hybrid building design. The MR-24 Roof System has a documented life of up to 60 years and is virtually maintenance-free. The Butler hybrid building solution can also accommodate building designs that call for a roof solution using a metal deck.

The Advantages of True Hybrid Construction

  • An engineering consulting approach ensures better results and fewer problems in construction
  • Upfront planning allows for more flexibility to design
  • Allows for a true design/build approach
  • Reduces complexity by using the best construction method to fit the building design
  • Provides a single source for manufacturing and engineering



By using our fast-track design/build construction services, clients of GALBRAITH/Pre-Design, Inc. are able to occupy their finished facilities well ahead of standard design/bid/build construction timelines. Our design/build capability alleviates anxiety caused by the coordination and interaction of disciplines required to achieve a finished structure. At the same time, we give you the ability to remain involved at any level you desire.

Most problems that occur during construction are linked to design. By taking a more active role in the design stage, Butler Manufacturing and GALBRAITH can use a true hybrid process to reduce the chances of these problems occurring. The preliminary design stage is the critical portion of your project. That’s when the value engineering associated with the hybrid process can have maximum impact. 

The Right Combination

When your needs exceed the ideal conditions of either traditional or pre-engineered construction alone, we can bring the two together in ways that no one else can to deliver a building that meets your needs.

With decades of experience in successfully completing hybrid design/build projects in Pennsylvania and surrounding states, GALBRAITH is your single source solution for commercial, industrial, and institutional construction projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Here are some of the reasons our clients appreciate working with GALBRAITH/Pre-Design, Inc.:

  • Over the past 25 years, we’ve developed systems and processes to deliver projects on-time and within budget.
  • We adapt to your schedule and workflow to minimize disturbance to your operations.
  • We focus on preventative problem-solving.
  • We have experience in 8 states.
  • We primarily use our own crews to control project timeline, budget, and quality.
  • We build relationships not transactions.
  • We use quality assurance checklists.

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