Case Study, Industrial


One way of assisting our industrial clients in maximizing the amount of cubic footage in their facilities is to install racking. In this case, we are installing push-back racking. Push-back racking almost triples the amount of storage space inside a building, at a fraction of the cost of building construction. Read More

Case Study, Food Processing


Recent photos of several projects nearing completion at a facility expansion in Greencastle, PA.


It is a pleasure working with a facility owner who has a master plan for his business, an eye for growth and innovation, and is willing to invest the time and money into expanding his operation Read More

Case Study, Food Processing

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When Pete and Gerry’s Organics decided to upgrade and add process equipment, they called on us to complete the work of upgrading their process water system. Here, seven (7) new boilers are prepared for installation, and a booster pump is set into place.

Many people do not realize the amount Read More

Case Study, Industrial

Additional services we provide are industrial painting and pipe labeling. Facilities are required by several authorities having jurisdiction to have industrial piping painting specific colors, and have them labeled in certain manners.

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These are progress photos of an ammonia system project we are currently working on. Tanks and pipes are Read More

Case Study, Food Processing

While working for owners of food processing facilities we handle a multitude of projects, due to the wide range of services we offer and the expertise we have.

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In this case, we were hired to handle a natural gas service upgrade. This consisted of coordinating a weekend production shut down Read More

Case Study, General Contracting

Zeigler Bros. of Gardners PA is a family owned manufacturer of aquatic animal feed, with several locations in the United States and South America. We are fortunate to have worked with several generations of the Zeigler family for many years now.

As a family owned business, it’s very rewarding to Read More

Case Study, General Contracting

Heavy rains, preceded by melting snow, in limestone country typically leads to sink holes in the springtime, like the ones above. Although you never know where a new one will form, it’s best to spend the time and money in an attempt to repair them properly the first time. For Read More