Case Study, Medical

KIMG0087Last week, disaster struck when a tanker truck left the highway and crashed into a local medical facility. Galbraith Pre-Design, Inc was called in to conduct the initial damage assessment.

We immediately dispatched our crews to the site to begin making the building safe. Our structural engineer conducted an initial investigation, and work with us to devise a method to shore and prop the damaged steel structure in order to prevent collapse, and to ensure the safety of workmen.

KIMG0092 KIMG0094

Once the building was to determined to be safe to work in, our subcontractors began assessing inspections of electrical, HVAC, plumbing, fire suppression, and phone systems. The building contains three additional tenants, other than the affected suites. Given that all tenants are medical practices, restoring services and making the building able to be occupied was of utmost importance, after ensuring the safety of the building and all of it’s systems.


Loyal Galbraith Pre-Design, Inc crews and subcontractors worked late into the night in rain and sleet. All systems were inspected and repaired, and back in working order, by 10:30pm. We also secured the building.


When finished, we provided a weather resistant, insulated, and secure structure, as well as 75% of the building back in operation the following day. All involved are saddened by the nature of the tragedy.

Galbraith Pre-Design, Inc is always here to serve our clients..