By using our fast-track Design Build Construction services, our clients are able to occupy their finished facilities well ahead of standard construction timelines. Our Design Build capability uses one contractual agreement and one point of responsibility, which means you can rely on our services from beginning to end. Our approach alleviates anxiety caused by the coordination and interaction of disciplines required to achieve a finished structure. At the same time, we give you the ability to remain as involved as you wish in the construction management for your project.

In addition to the design and construction capabilities for which we have become known, we now offer expanded services, including:

  • Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) training for medical facilities
  • Food processing facility standards and procedures
  • Specialty demolition
  • Stainless steel floor drains
  • Cold storage facility construction and maintenance
  • Flexible scheduling around production, process, and patient schedules, including after hours and weekend work
  • Parking lot maintenance and rehabilitation, including demolition, repairs, paving and line striping
  • Painting capabilities
  • Emergency response
  • Mold remediation services to existing customers, as a supplemental service

The integrated Design-Build service, in addition to the ancillary services noted above that we provide for our customers, enables us to not only create and construct your project but also maintain and improve your facilities over time. By building relationships with our customers and having an intimate knowledge of your buildings and facilities, we are able to provide our services in a more efficient manner, ultimately saving you time and money and providing peace of mind.