Industrial Plant Contractor PennsylvaniaBefore beginning an industrial or plant maintenance project, Galbraith/Pre-Design, Inc. takes the time to understand a facility’s operations from receiving, warehousing and production to packaging and shipping. It is important for us to have in-depth knowledge of operations in order to assist the facility in making decisions related to the feasibility of repairs, maintenance, modifications, and additions. This information helps the facility to anticipate and schedule necessary maintenance and makes a project’s budget more cost-effective by eliminating wasteful spending and designing modifications that may not be a wise investment.


Specialty training, such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certification, enables the Galbraith team to understand the necessary requirements and choose the appropriate materials for the project. This knowledge prevents plants and facilities from being written up by authorities with jurisdiction, such as the USDA and FDA, and in some cases avoids plant shut-downs and product recalls.

Galbraith has industrial and plant maintenance experience in facilities in eight states. We have the expertise and network of suppliers to determine the materials and methods to best suit any condition and are determined to find the right solutions for problems. We will complete work in accordance with a facility’s production schedule, including weekends and overnight shifts if necessary, in order to accommodate your business.



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