Case Study, General Contracting

process facility in Central Pennsylvania

A process facility in Central Pennsylvania needed a solution for and aging hot room door. Rather than a costly replacement, it was decided to reinforce and cover it with 1/16″ thick stainless steel.

hot room door

Details are critical. Our experienced staff has the depth of knowledge and experience to make all of the necessary adjustments to latches and hinges to accommodate the new stainless veneer, to ensure proper door operation. The easier alternative would have been to relace the entire door and frame. However, we saved this facility thousands of dollars by having the experience and expertise to provide an alternate solution.

slight ramp of a brick tile floor

While we were at the same facility, we solved another problem area. A slight ramp of a brick tile floor became constantly slippery due to process water and sanitation chemicals. This is in an area of high employee traffic. Working together with the facility, we installed high visibility textured slip resistant products.

It’s always nice to see a facility take the care, time and effort to make such upgrades. And it is always a pleasure to serve them. Contact us for more information!