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Industrial ceiling replacement in PennsylvaniaFood processing facility ceiling replacementThis is another food processing facility ceiling replacement.  FRP ceiling tile used to be the standard in process facilities; however, due to their texture, they are at risk of harboring salmonella, listeria, and other dangerous micro-organisms –  causing an increased risk of failed inspections at best, and costly recalls or death at worst.

Since the advent of food safety regulations, inspections, certifications, etc such as FSMA, SQF, and HACCP, building material technologies have had to keep up with sanitation requirements.  In this case we are removing all FRP ceiling tiles, and replacing them with food safe, USDA approved, tiles.  Not only does the appearance improve immediately, but inspectors have already noted the change over.

We are food safety regulation certified, and ready to help facilities recover from inspection citations; but more importantly, we help prevent citations.  In a lot of cases, we assist facilities in increasing their SQF levels by making some very basic changes in the materials used in their facility.

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