Case Study, Food Processing, General Contracting

Concrete construction at food processing facility in PAWe recently started our latest food processing project for a pre-packaged salad facility.  This project consists of a large amount of concrete demolition, excavation, concrete construction, and insulated metal panels.  Strict food safety regulations create challenges to solve problems before they arise.

Our specialized food safety certifications, and vast experience in the food industry, continue to provide the comfort level for this long-time customer.  Knowing that we understand and care about their process and facility gives us an edge over other contractors.


Concrete demolition at food processing facility in PAWorking with a facility, using large, internal combustion demolition equipment is not practical nor permitted in many cases.  In such instances, old fashioned hard labor and elbow grease is required.

Food processing facility construction in PennsylvaniaIn order to assure proper air quality and air pressures within the facility, we designed an exhaust system to maintain negative air pressure within our work area.  This is critical in order to ensure the safety of the food in production in adjacent areas.

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