GALBRAITH provides industrial painting and pipe labeling services. Pipes and tanks in industrial facilities are required by several authorities having jurisdiction to be painted in specific colors and labeled in certain ways so they can be easily identified by emergency responders in case of an emergency situation. Painting industrial pipes and tanks is also preventive maintenance that protects against rust and corrosion, ultimately saving the facility time, money and lost production in the future.


Before painting, we ensure that all old paint is scraped off and all dirt and rust is removed. The area is then primed using the highest quality primer and painted using the highest quality paint that is appropriate for the application. We can paint virtually any surface in a facility and will assess the situation and determine the best products to use. Our staff includes professional painters and we work closely with suppliers to determine the appropriate applications and products for a project.

GALBRAITH has experience with industrial painting for many different types of systems, including ammonia systems, fire suppression systems, steam lines, water lines, waste lines and natural gas lines. We also offer painting services for railings, doors, walls, and docks.


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