Case Study, General Contracting, Industrial

We are fortunate to work with innovative facilities, who are at the forefront of plant safety.  In this case, we installed a series of steel access ladders, stairs and landings on the roof of their large poultry plant.  Easier, safe access is not only necessary for day-to-day operations, but is a critical component of their emergency plan with regards to means of egress during an evacuation due to an ammonia emergency or something similar.


Their existing access methods were adequate, but not ideal; and were either temporary or aging.  The staff’s forward thinking allowed them to partner with Galbraith Pre-Design, Inc. to install new durable, permanent means of access.


This plant’s roof access and safety were greatly improved by with addition of permanent stairs, landings and ladders.  The upgrades will serve them well not only day-to-day, but also in an emergency.

We were tasked with the complete installation of the entire system, and completed the work in a timely and safe manner.

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