Case Study, Industrial

One of the many services that GALBRAITH offers is industrial painting and pipe labeling. Facilities are required by several authorities having jurisdiction to have industrial piping painting specific colors, and have them labeled in certain manners.  A contractor that understands this and knows proper procedure is vital in your industrial plant setting.

Industrial Painting and pipe labeling Industrial painting and pipe labeling KIMG0522

These are progress photos of an ammonia system project we are currently working on. Tanks and pipes are painted, and awaiting new labels, which we also supply and install. In addition to ammonia systems, we ensure that fire suppression systems, steam lines, several types of water lines, natural gas, etc. are all properly painted and labeled.

In the event of an emergency, it is critical that systems are well marked and labeled so that plant personnel and emergency responders know exactly what they are dealing with. Additionally, painting and protecting systems properly protects them from rust, corrosion, etc. It is preventative maintenance which saves a facility time, money, and lost production.

We strive to help owners foresee potential problems before they ever occur.