Case Study, General Contracting, Industrial

Here we are in Winchester, VA repairing a hydraulic recessed scissors lift which has deteriorated over the past 30+ years.  We have installed numerous lifts like this throughout the years, and they are used heavily and subjected to a great amount off wear, tear, and abuse.

We rigged and secured the lift, then removed the failing, rusted base frame.  Along with that meant rewiring limit switches.  We then replaced the base frame with a brand new one, welding anchor points and modifying as necessary.

While we were there, we also replaced the three (3) hydraulic cylinders to ensure safety and increase the lifespan of the entire lift.  The lift should easily last several more decade of hard daily use, at the fraction of the cost of a new lift.

We pride ourselves on being diverse, flexible, and adaptable.  We are fortunate to have guys who are multifaceted problem solvers, and skilled in numerous trades.