Case Study, Industrial, Roofing Repair

We are utilizing insulated metal walls and roof panels on one of our current projects. IMPs have been widely used in cold storage applications for quite a while now, but are gaining in popularity in commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Speed and efficiency of installation, attractive finishes and colors, and a durable finished surface once installed are just a few reasons. In addition, they offer superb weather tightness, vapor barrier, and very high R-values. This means higher efficiency and lower utility bills.

We are currently installing the Metl-Span CRF roof system.

“Developed as the preeminent innovation in all-in-one composite panel design, this standing seam roof panel combines durable interior and exterior faces with our unmatched polyurethane core. The CFR roof panel provides an unsurpassed weathertight seal and service life. Ideal for cold storage, commercial, industrial and institutional markets, the panel can be used on roof slopes as low as ½”: 12″.” Feel free to contact us, for any question.

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