Case Study, General Contracting

When a customer in New York wanted to have some renovations and maintenance completed, they knew who to call.

Floor Coverings Renovations Floor Base Renovations

All existing office building floor coverings and base were removed, and new was installed. We also painted all office building walls.

Office Building Walls Painting Office Building Walls Paintings

The exterior of the building was showing signs of age as well. We are spending the time to pressure wash, and do some general cleaning. The before and after photos above show what can be accomplished with minimal time and labor.

Pressure Wash and General Cleaning

The same goes for the interior. Here you can see the same type of cleaning side-by-side. Our dedicated crew is completing a fair amount of industrial painting while onsite, as well as structural repairs. All work is being completed by Galbraith personnel. Any questions? Feel free to contact us!