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Pre-engineered metal building

This is 1 of 2 pre-engineered metal buildings we are erecting this week.  This one is in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania for Wenger Feeds – a part of the Nutrify Group.
This pre-engineered metal building is manufactured and supplied by Robertson Building Systems – part of the NCI Building Systems family of companies.  We have been a Robertson Building Systems builder since the early 2000’s.  Prior to that, we were an authorized Steelox Systems and ARMCO Systems dealer.


Pre-engineered metal buildingWhen being quoted a metal building system, one thing a building owner must take into account is something called an “allowable reduction”.  Some builders, engineers, and pre-engineered metal building system suppliers will take an allowable reduction, which permits them by code to use lighter (by weight) steel members.  This reduces a building system’s cost, but it also reduces its strength, which is its ability to adequately support a heavy snow load.
Here at GALBRAITH Pre-Design, Inc., we do not take allowable reductions, and never will.  We feel that it is in our customers’ best interest to have a pre-engineered metal building system that they can feel safe and confident occupying.

Sometimes a builder will inform them of the load reduction being deduced; but many times, a customer has no idea.  They look at the bottom line and use the cheapest builder.  Cheaper is not better – especially in a case like this!!


You know you will be getting a fair an honest quoteRobertson building systems for a STRONG, safe and dependable pre-engineered metal building system from GALBRAITH Pre-Design, Inc. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!