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Process piping repair in PennsylvaniaWaste pipe repair in PennsylvaniaProcess piping maintenance in PennsylvaniaA processing facility called recently, after discovering that one of their process waste pipes was not draining where it should be.  This is a facility constructed many decades ago, so finding a path to tie the drain into a new location was going to be extremely challenging.

Being known for our problem-solving skills, we worked with the facility’s maintenance department in troubleshooting to find a pipe to tie into, and a path to get there.

As it turns out, the “easiest” route was two stories down – through a concrete ceiling, then through a concrete floor, and into an employee locker room.  After the initial troubleshooting, we had the manpower, skills and experienced to gather the proper tools, equipment, and materials to make such emergency repairs happen in an expedited fashion.  In this case, within 24 hours.

The facility owner, staff, and municipal authorities were all extremely happy to have the work done so quickly.  And we feel very satisfied to have met their needs and expectations.

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