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Hiring an Experienced Metal Building Contractor for Metal Roof Repair

When a standing seam metal roof is in need of repair, there is a good chance that the roof is part of a pre-engineered metal building system.  The roof panels are not merely a roof, but part of the metal building system.  Within that system, the roof panels play several different roles – weather tightness, bracing, diaphragm, structural, etc; and where the roof ties into the building system at roof steps, eaves, gables, etc. there are critical details which must be maintained in order to ensure weather tightness and the integrity of the building envelope remains intact.

Sometimes when leaks occur, the first thing a building owner thinks to do is to call a roofing contractor, because after all, he has a roof problem, right?  But that owner has more than just a roof – he has a building system.  Therefore, it is critical to call a contractor with metal building system experience.  That may be the general contractor who built the building and self-performs the majority of the project, like Galbraith.  It may be a metal building erector.  Or it could be a roofing contractor.  Each one should be upfront and honest about whether or not they have the expertise and experience to work on different types of building systems and roofs.  A professional contractor of any type should admit their strengths and weaknesses, and recommend that an owner call a specialist if the project is outside of that contractor’s area of expertise.  Or better yet, have a network of trusted specialists to recommend to owners!  In any event, the owner’s best interest should come first.

Galbraith recently inspected a 47 year-old metal building system with chronic roof leak issues.  We discovered previous roof repairs using rubber.  On the surface, everything appeared watertight (ugly, but watertight).  However, upon inspection in a steady rain, it became apparent that the rubber patches were actually collecting an trapping water underneath them.  They weren’t watertight after all.

No doubt that these patches made by a roofer were inexpensive, so what’s the harm?

Take a look at the hidden rust found underneath the patches as well as on the underside of the roof panels.  The roof panels are rusting out from the bottom.  Those inexpensive patches are proving not to be so inexpensive.

We made new, professional repairs, using our years of experience and expertise with metal building systems and specialized materials, tools, and equipment.  These repairs are a short-term solution.  However, the damage is already done and irreparable.

This building has several roof steps and flashing conditions.  Who would you trust to install a new roof? Luckily for us, we are going to get the business.  But we could have saved the owner a lot of time and money had we been called first!

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