Case Study, General Contracting

A customer has been having issues with him storm water system not functioning properly, due to it degrading over time, plus improper installation originally.

We excavated and removed all rusted-out pipe, as well as unsuitable fill, and replaced with black corrugated plastic pipe and compacted stone fill.  We also adjusted Read More

Case Study, Food Processing

We’re fortunate to be called on by a local food processing plant to complete miscellaneous maintenance projects in their facility.  Most of this work is on Sundays – the only day they are not in production.

Here, an FRP-covered freezer wall, and floor, have become deteriorated, due to a chemical  Read More

Case Study, Medical

Here is a “before” photo of the Cancer Center’s chemotherapy treatment room.

And here is the “after” look (minus new flooring, yet to be installed by others).

Much more warm and inviting, creating a more pleasant experience for the patients.. Read More

Case Study, Medical

We’ve also been working on a renovation project at the Carlisle Cancer Center, which partially consists of  adding two (2) new reception windows in existing walls (pictured left).

Custom cherry millwork was detailed, and milled to spec at a local sawmill.  Then, GP personel cut the wall openings and installed Read More