Case Study, General Contracting


This facility’s production areas have FRP ceiling tile in aluminum grid.
This system was the industry standard and is still found in numerous facilities.  However, as ceilings need repairs, it is best to switch over to PVC and fiberglass ceiling components. In this case, ammonia refrigeration lines were fitted with new, thicker insulation causing them to interfere with the ceiling.  Therefore, it was necessary to not only remove a portion of the ceiling for the insulators to work, but to also construct a bulk head to accommodate the thicker insulation.ceiling gridSuspended ceiling

We used FDA and USDA approved panels, which will not warp or cause voids between the tile and grid, will not harbor dirt and microbes, and will not rust or corrode.  Our men are skilled, experienced and have in-depth knowledge of FSMA, HACCP, and SQF to ensure we make lasting repairs and economically sound maintenance.
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