Case Study, Food Processing

Hershey’s Ice Cream (Hershey Creamery Company) recently contracted with us to install a new stainless steel corn syrup tank at their plant.

The foundation, sub-slab, and protective bollards were all excavated and poured monolithically.

IMAG0178 IMAG0188 IMAG0190

After proper curing, and everything checked one final time, the stainless steel tank was rigged, and Read More

Case Study, Medical

Galbraith Pre-Design, Inc. has just been awarded a design/build contract for an expansion of the Carlisle Regional Medical Center’s cancer center.  The building will house the center’s new state-of-the-art radiation equipment, and will involve detailed structural, radiation vault, and radiation shielding components.  This is cutting edge technology – not surprising, Read More

Case Study, General Contracting

Here, long-time GP foreman, Dustin, fabricates a steel bollard assembly at our shop.  It will be installed at a local ice cream manufacturing facility, where the temperature is -5deg F.  Therefore, welding and painting need to be completed off-site to ensure proper welds and paint curing.  The assembly will protect Read More