Case Study, General Contracting

Berger transit
Two previous generations of the Galbraith family in the construction industry practiced what they preached – being diverse, educating yourself, working smart and hard, and completing as many trades with your own company’s manpower as possible. This is an antique transit used by our family in decades gone by. Surveying, stake-out, grades, elevations, etc. are all items we are capable of self-performing.

Rather than this antique Berger transit, we now use a CST/Berger total station. Times and technology may change, but the historical concepts and calculations remain the same.

 CST/Berger total station
Today, one of our long-time foremen guided two of our co-op students from Cumberland-Perry Vo-Tech through the process of laying-out building corners in preparation to begin footer excavation. It’s rewarding to pass along these skills from generation-to-generation. Practicing what we preach – completing our own stake-out in order to excavate our own footers – all while utilizing our own skilled company manpower and equipment. Feel free to contact us, for any question.