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hiring a design-build firm

How to hire the right design-build firm – ensuring a successful project.


When it comes to a project, the designing and constructing phases require exceptional communication to be successful. You may think that the communication aspect is out of your control, but that’s not the case. It starts with you. How? Because who you hire matters.

Working with an integrated firm is one of the best ways to ensure that communication is kept adequate. With an integrated firm, every person working on the project is working for the same company. For example, the mechanical and electrical departments are working hand-in-hand with each other, and have in the past as well. Due to this pre-existing relationship, they know how to successfully work together to get the job done and have direct communication with each other. If you choose to work with multiple companies instead, it’s not hard to lose that strong communication. Here are three ways that working with an integrated design-build firm can improve the food safety of your next manufacturing facility.

Design and construction teams are highly coordinated


This coordination goes along with communication. Overlooking even the smallest of problems during a project can result in a huge recall. Since they are continuously working together and can talk through any issues they may have along the way, it’s easier for them to complete a project with fewer issues than others would.

Piping and the food safety risk of condensation


In the food industry, there are many projects that have to do with piping. With piping, many teams need to get involved including mechanical, structural, architectural, electrical, and more. This is where an integrated firm would be beneficial to a project. The construction team and the rest of the staff have regular internal design reviews which would keep everyone involved on the same page. Since these teams are always working together, there is a certain level of comfort there that makes everyone feel that they can speak up, which creates more opportunity for collaboration and success.

Troubleshooting is focused on problem-solving, not finger pointing


If there is a problem during a build, regardless of which department is responsible, the issue can and will be quickly resolved. Integrated firms use a checks and balances approach so that each department is aware of what the other departments are doing. This prevents potential hazards that may go unnoticed if not working with an integrated firm.