GALBRAITH is a Certified Butler Builder

For more than 100 years, the name Butler® has been synonymous with building innovation. It all started with the idea to factory-produce steel building systems, and it continues with new products and services that set industry standards. Butler offers virtually unlimited options regarding a building’s appearance and functionality. And every component of the building is designed, engineered, and manufactured to exact specifications, assuring fast assembly and long-term performance. GALBRAITH is proud to be a Certified Butler Builder.


Click the following link to learn how to select the quickest construction method: How To Pick the Quickest Construction Method: 3 Questions You’re Not Asking – Butler Manufacturing.


The GALBRAITH Metal Building Systems Difference

For more than 60yrs the GALBRAITH family has been a premier supplier and erector of metal building systems (pre-engineered metal buildings) in the Mid-Atlantic region. It started in the early 1960’s when we utilized ARMCO and Steelox Building Systems products. Our intimate knowledge of the history, and pioneer days, of the metal building industry positions us as an industry leader in providing our clients with a building that suits all of their needs.Certified Butler Builder

Our founding principles based on pre-construction services couples seamlessly with our knowledge of the pre-engineered metal building industry, in order to form the foundation of our design build capabilities. Coupling the fast track nature of metal building systems, along with the fast track nature of the design build delivery method, makes for a streamlined process for our clients.

We are proud to be a Certified Butler Builder, recognizing Butler’s position as one of the pioneers of the metal building industry. GALBRAITH and Butler’ company culture of customer-centered, design build, collaborative approaches make for a very efficient team.

Pioneering Innovations

Butler was first to market with game-changing innovations like the world’s first weathertight standing-seam metal roof. It was the result of thousands of hours of planning, testing, designing, failing, trying again and achieving breakthroughs. Butler is a company that never stops building. No matter the building location. No matter the building challenge.

Certified Butler BuilderYou benefit because Butler’s digital tools give GALBRAITH a better line of sight on all the building shell components. From the initial design to the tracking of your order shipment, to accessing electronic erection drawings, GALBRAITH will have the tools we need to help mitigate project challenges.

Helping you achieve the speed of construction you need is a top priority. That’s why GALBRAITH uses the design-build construction method for single-source responsibility and greater control. In addition, many of Butler’s product innovations from structural systems designs to insulation systems and insulation support system deliver significant time savings and minimize field labor costs.

To maximize your building’s functionality, floor space flexibility is mandatory. Butler developed a structural system that can achieve the longest bay sizes in the industry, to help keep interior columns from getting in your way and increase usable space r. Plus, its factory-punched chords speed up installation.

Butler’s latest insulation system helps achieve increasingly stringent energy code requirements with noticeably faster installation times. Its above-the-purlin design allows for better blanket insulation performance and improved accessibility to other building systems.

The Peace of Mind from a Simplified Supply Chain

Your entire project can be designed, engineered, and manufactured by Butler to provide unlimited flexibility to fit your design needs. Using Galbraith’s fast-track design-build construction services, you are able to occupy your facility well ahead of standard construction timelines. Galbraith’s approach alleviates anxiety caused by the coordination and interaction of disciplines required to achieve a finished structure. Certified Butler Builder

Built-In Lifetime Savings

The decisions you make during the building design phase will have a major impact on your operating costs each year. Focusing on options that offer energy efficiency and long life spans will help you minimize your total cost of ownership. Our building assemblies are tested and proven to be more energy-efficient than industry standards, and our buildings are engineered and built to last.



Are you ready to start a new construction project? The GALBRAITH team and our partners at Butler are here to get you started on the right path.