How It works


As a certified Butler Builder, GALBRAITH can offer construction services through a unique purchasing arrangement. Sourcewell (formally NJPA) is a national purchasing cooperative. State and municipal government agencies, state and local education agencies, and non-profit organizations throughout the US and parts of Canada can choose to forgo conducting their own, independent procurement and instead take advantage of already established, competitively solicited, national contracts through Sourcewell.

Sourcewell Program
Operating under the guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law, Sourcewell allows contractors and Sourcewell member agencies nationwide to work smarter and more efficiently as they do business with each other. Because their contracts are competitively bid, national contracts, they satisfy state and local requirements for competitively bid contracts and offer volume pricing, reducing time and costs. Any state or local government, education agency, or non-profit organization can apply for membership in Sourcewell. There is no cost, obligation or liability to the member organizations.

Sourcewell currently serves as a contracting agency for more than 50,000 member agencies nationwide. It is funded through fees paid by the vendors who are selected under Sourcewell’s competitively bid procurement process. Fees are not passed on to Sourcewell member organizations.
GALBRAITH performs these services under Sourcewell contract (#021215-BSC) awarded to Butler’s sister company BlueScope Construction, Inc.

Become a Member for Free

All state and municipal government agencies, state and local education agencies, and non-profit organizations throughout the U.S. are eligible to become a member for free. No strings attached. There’s no liability or obligation associated with a membership, but there are many benefits, including:

• Save Time and Money: Sourcewell’s analysts streamline the procurement process, removing the need to duplicate the RFP process.
• Contracted Solutions You Need: Choose from products and services that meet or exceed local requirements.
• Trusted Relationships: The Sourcewell Procurement Team handles invitations to bid on construction contracting so you can focus on what really matters.
• End the Low-Bid, Low-Quality Cycle: Stop the unpleasant outcome of required low-bid, low-quality wards.
• U.S. and Canada Volume Pricing: Receive volume, ceiling-based, and discounted pricing.

The Bottom Line

Sourcewell satisfies the competitive bid process, allowing you to procure construction services without forcing you to choose the risky high costs associated with the low bidder. GALBRAITH is your local, experienced expert in providing construction services through the legal and trusted path of Sourcewell.