GALBRAITH can help you with your horticulture & grow facilities!  With the advances in research, development and other technologies in the horticulture and construction industries, consumers have come to expect the luxuries of year-round farming. They now have fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, and a host of others crops which, up until recently, have been available only seasonally. The main requirement for year-round horticulture is constant temperature and humidity control. Maintaining a controlled indoor environment throughout the extremes of all seasons is imperative.


Our company was founded on the principle of pre-construction services, which brings together you, the building owner, with the GALBRAITH team of trusted design professionals and subcontractors, experienced in the horticulture & grow facilities controlled environment industries.  We assemble a trusted design-build team, of which you are the leader, to ensure that all your needs, goals and objectives are met. Once designed and permitted, the GALBRAITH team sees your project through to final completion.Horticulture & Grow Facilities

Due to our experience and expertise with controlled environments in several industries, such as food processing, cold storage, healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical, we are perfectly positioned to meet your facilities varying needs. We have constructed environments which range in temperature from -33F to +100F. Required numbers of air changes per hour, precise humidity levels, room pressurization (positive and negative), stringent sanitation requirements, are all in a day’s work for GALBRAITH.


GALBRAITH can help you with your horticulture and grow facilities because we have been metal building system experts (pre-engineered metal buildings) for more than 60yrs.  GALBRAITH’s metal buildings offer the ultimate in floor plan flexibility, while also speed in construction time. We are a proud Certified Butler Builder.

Through our partnership with Butler, we have access to the full line of King Span insulated metal panels (IMPs). King Span has been an industry leader in controlled environments and horticultural solutions. Your entire process – Cloning Room, Vegetative Room, Flowering Room, Curing/Drying Room, Processing Room, and Extraction Room – are all contained in our Butler metal building system, and enveloped by King Span panels.