GALBRAITH Customer ReviewsWe are fortunate to have valued continuing working relationships with clients in many different industries in more than 10 states. Below are reviews from some of the customers we have worked with about their experience with GALBRAITH

We have tackled all types of challenges together over the years and I have learned a ton from all of you. You are examples of the gold standard for integrity and professionalism and I consider you all as friends.

– Leon Letcavage, Fresh Express

I give GALBRAITH my highest recommendation. Pfizer is a challenging organization and requires high levels of attention to detail, with safety standards that are beyond the call. GALBRAITH was quick to respond to all aspects of their scope requirements from project management to operations.

– Terry Totten, A/Z Corp

I just want to say that the quality of work is great and is done in a timely manner. If any issues do occur Mark is very eager and concerned to get it ironed out and back on track. There is great pride in the work and professionalism about the GALBRAITH team. I always get a cut and dry explanation of what is and what will be done on each and every project we work on. I just want to say that GALBRAITH is a quality company I can count on.

– Scott Troutman, Hershey Creamery

I have known Mr. Galbraith personally and through business dealing with him over the last twenty years. I can attest to his good character. Mr. Galbraith has an individual pattern of moral strength, self-discipline, an upstanding reputation as well as the utmost respect of his peers and co-workers. He is very competent in seeing a project completed from start to finish with a hands-on approach.

Mr. Galbraith has done two projects for me, one a 16,000 square foot Home Center and a 29,000 square foot strip mall. Mr. Galbraith completed these projects with the utmost skill, talent, and aptitude. His integrity is impeccable as well as his honesty, sincerity and his high moral standards of conducting business.

My company has been doing business with Mr. Galbraith since 1980 without any problems. He is a very fair-minded person to deal with in this business. I have and will continue to recommend Mr. Galbraith to other businesses as well as friends who are in need of the services he has to offer.

– Lee H. Castles, Owner of Castles Commons

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work with your team on the construction of the linear accelerator vault at Carlisle Regional Medical Center. It is not often that we’ve had the pleasure to work with a general contracting and management team that has been able to pull together all the various technical and general services required for a project such as this so quickly and effectively. As an international shielding firm, we work with contractors all over the world and have had a variety of experiences from sub-par to excellent – GALBRAITH ranks among the finest with whom we’ve worked.

As we all know, this was an exceptionally fast-tracked project which required flawless coordination of the various services. Your team was professional and provided great leadership to all subcontractors and, as a result of your leadership and efforts, the project was completed on time and within budget, resulting in a successful and beautiful facility for the doctors.

Having worked quite a bit in Europe, it has been my experience that the European construction industry pays great attention to safety and detailed project planning. In many ways, I believe they are more advanced than what we find in many parts of the United States. Once again, your diligence and concern for safety, in my opinion, ranks, among the best from my experiences.

It has been our pleasure to work with your group as a specialty shielding sub-contractor. As you know, we are often asked to recommend GCs and management companies to our clients and would have no hesitation in recommending your firm and welcome the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

– David P. Farrell, President of Veritas Medical Solutions

On behalf of Carlisle Regional Medical Center, please accept our gratitude for GALBRAITH‘s role in making the Carlisle Cancer Center Addition project an overwhelming success. This project was very high profile and important to all stakeholders, including first and foremost; our patients and physicians, but also to us here as a hospital and our entire health system which represents over 59 hospitals located within the United States; three of which are located within Central Pennsylvania.

Your expert handling of the feasibility study, budget estimate, approval process, and construction was undoubtedly the reason this project went so well and was completed in such an amazingly short period of time. Not only did you exceed our expectations concerning the completion date, but you also contained the construction costs to meet our budget needs without asking for a single change order despite hitting some unexpected subsurface rock and a sinkhole.

The communications process between your staff, the municipality, our medical equipment vendor, and our staff was flawless thanks to your staff’s project management skills. We also appreciated your field crew’s and subcontractors’ willingness to work during off-hours and to limit the number of shutdowns to our building services to accommodate our patient treatment schedule. Your scheduling, project management, attention to detail, and craftsmanship on this project were all exemplary.

Carlisle Regional Medical Center enjoyed working with GALBRAITH on this high profile project and we would not hesitate to hire you again and recommend your services to others. Thank you again for your hard work and we look forward to working with you again.

– P. Mark Harmon, Associate Administrator of Carlisle Regional Medical Center

I wanted to take this time to express sincere gratitude to you and to the entire GALBRAITH team for the Carlisle Regional Cancer Center addition project in 20 10.

You and your staff are always thorough, high quality and can be relied on for every phase of a project. The Cancer Center project, in particular, was one of your brightest moments. With this project reaching such a successful conclusion – it represents hope to so many in our community that is affected by cancer.

Throughout this project and all of its challenges, you and the team kept this project’s purpose of patient care at the forefront. It was especially endearing that your sub-contractors mirrored the same compassion toward this very special project. That is clearly representative of you and the rest of GALBRAITH‘s character and integrity.

In closing, thank you for every effort and the fantastic results for our new addition.

– Billy Demory, Director of Facilities Management of Carlisle Regional Medical Center

Having been involved with several linear accelerator projects throughout the country, I understand how difficult it can be for a design and construction team to deliver a finished and working facility in a timely manner. I have to say that GALBRAITH really excelled at providing the customer with a finished and working project in the tight time frame that was required. I believe that you and Mark both did a great job delivering a specialized space in a more efficient manner than I’ve seen performed by specialty contractors in this type of project anywhere.

You make it easy for us to design systems for your projects. From the start, the design team was able to define the building and site requirements quickly and clearly based on the information you provided. I could tell that forethought went into how the project should be built because you analyzed various systems and opted to use special shielding techniques that would allow the project to be completed in less time.

Your ability to involve specialized team members such as the radiation shielding specialists, the physicist and the medical equipment provider with the design and construction process early on allowed the architects and engineers to concisely design the building around all of the specialized equipment. This started off the entire process efficiently, which then gave the contractors sufficient time to build the job. You went the extra step for this important customer and spent the time, effort and resources up front that allowed for an expedited construction process. You got the materials ordered ahead of schedule, suggested modifications to the designed systems that would speed construction, and even did investigatory research to make sure there were no hidden problems with those changes.

Another thing that impressed me was the way that GALBRAITH‘s construction team used appropriate methods to assure a healthy environment for this healthcare setting. This was especially important because the adjoining space was occupied and fully operational during construction. You were there, on the spot as the HVAC system was being tested and balanced to make sure things were running properly, and when you saw inefficiencies, you made sure that the necessary steps were taken to correct the inefficiencies so that the client would have the best possible project in the end.

As construction was coming to completion and the medical imaging equipment was being tested and brought online, someone overheard the start-up people saying they felt that this was one of the best and most thoroughly built accelerator vault projects they had witnessed in their careers. That’s Quite a compliment, and somewhat rare in this line of work. Our congratulations go out to all members of the GALBRAITH project delivery team. I don’t know how you do it, but on all the projects with which I’ve ever been involved with your team, you always seem to have satisfied and happy customers after you “turn over the keys.”

– Michael L. Norris, PE, Principal of Michael L. Norris & Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers 

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the fine work you did on the Big Spring Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine clinic. Several times my business partners and I decided to go back and make changes to the plans and you were always willing to work with us and make helpful suggestions along the way. Everything was done in a timely fashion and within budget. In fact, you finished the project faster than we anticipated and you always kept us informed as to the progress along the way.

During the time the Big Spring Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine clinic was under construction, we also had another project being completed by another company. It was this side-by-side comparison that brought to light the level of professionalism and quality that came with GALBRAITH. The other clinic was six months behind schedule and needed weekly walk-through inspections because of the many mistakes that were made along the way. It was obvious that it was not of the same quality as the Big Spring clinic. Many times during construction of the Shippensburg clinic we found ourselves saying, ‘We wish we were dealing with GALBRAITH, Inc. instead of company X for the Shippensburg project.’

We would gladly use your services again and will be sure to refer others to you in the future.

– Tom Blount & Chris Zentz, Big Spring Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

I want to take this opportunity to commend you on yet another stellar project for the Wound Care Center in Shippensburg. As was the case for the Center in Carlisle, PA, this new Center has been beautifully constructed with great care given to ensure all code requirements were met as well as providing for our operational needs. I must say, when I found out you were heading up the team for this project, I was thrilled to be working with you again.

As you know, adhering to the construction timelines and budget is critical in any project and I fully appreciate your diligence in ensuring that the Wound Care Center was completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our project plan for hiring staff and Center opening was dependent on your ability to stay on track which you were able to complete without a hitch. Thanks to the efforts of you and your team, we were able to begin seeing patients as projected.

Lastly, I want to commend you and your team for your excellence in communication. Given that fact that I am based in Florida and have to manage projects all over the Northeast remotely, it is imperative that information is distributed accurately and in a timely fashion. You and your team were able to correspond with me via phone/email to get plans reviewed, questions answered and so forth. Of the multiple projects I have managed, yours have been some of the best!

I certainly look forward to working with you on future opportunities and would highly recommend your company to other prospective clients.

– Anita Cholmondeley, Project Manager of Diversified Clinical Services

It is not every day that we get to work with a company that treats everybody fair and with professional courtesy the way that the staff at GALBRAITH treats their subcontractors. It is for this reason that we view GALBRAITH as one of the premier contractors in this area. We truly appreciate your firm selecting us to be part of the team on this project and look forward to working with you on many projects in the future.

– Jim Saussaman, VP Commercial Construction at H.B. McClure Company

As the retired executive director of Carlisle Housing Opportunities Corporation (CHOC), I am writing to recommend GALBRAITH for any business or individual in need of design-build services. I first met Allan Galbraith in 2005 as the new director of CHOC – a Community Housing Development Organization – while working on a first time homebuyer project in the Borough of Carlisle. GALBRAITH was the contractor on two new townhomes being built as part of CHOC’s West Street Pride project. Allan and Rich Saunders were patient teachers as I learned the ins and outs of new construction and working with federal funding.

CHOC’s first time homebuyer program would select a street in Carlisle and work to rehab older homes or build new homes in an effort to improve the neighborhood. Over its nineteen years in business CHOC provided over 67 families the opportunity to own their own home and GALBRAITH was an integral part of the new homes constructed by CHOC.

Our most memorable and largest project was the East End Initiative. On North East Street a row of dilapidated and blighted townhomes was demolished and two detached homes – one of which was a handicapped accessible home – were constructed, along with three townhomes. Throughout all of the ups and downs and over a year of planning and working with the codes department, GALBRAITH, with Rich as project manager stood by us and helped us get the project completed on time.

Working with GALBRAITH made my job much easier. I am happy to recommend them and their excellent service and attention to detail.

– Amy L. Neurohr, Retired Executive Director, Carlisle Housing Opportunities Corporation

Mark, It is always a pleasure meeting people that maintain a positive “can-do” attitude.

– Robert Douglas, Special Projects, Westfalia Technologies, Inc.

Customer Review from Westfalia