Cold Storage Experts

GALBRAITH has been involved with cold storage construction since the 1960’s.  We have experience working with old cork boxes, wood and fiberglass insulated panels, as well as the latest insulated metal panels (IMPs).  Our experience includes food processing rooms, coolers, freezers, hardening rooms and blast freezers, distribution centers, pharmaceutical storage, poultry processing, as well as chicken barns and egg processing. We can provide you with new construction, major renovations, and minor repairs. We pride ourselves on our repeat customers and decades expertise in cold storage construction.

At GALBRAITH, we understand that adherence to the construction details are of the utmost importance to your cold storage project. Getting them right the first time is critical and saves costly future down-time of your new facility.  Our design build capabilities, and our trusted network of design firms and subcontractors, allows us to assemble a caring and efficient team.


Performing a thorough constructability evaluation with our construction team (of which you are the leader), along with choosing the appropriate delivery method, Cold Storage Expertswill ensure the project’s success. Owners should commit to a project delivery method such as design-build or at a minimum design assist, which engages the entire team early in the planning stage. This ensures thorough pre-construction that weighs multiple options with the input from each member of the team. Given the expense of cold storage construction, having a contractor-led design-build team (in which the contractor weighs in early on with value engineering suggestions) can help control costs.  A guaranteed maximum price contract can also help manage project costs, as well as aid in fast-tracking construction.

We have constructed cold storage facilities using several different methods – metal building systems (pre-engineered metal buildings), conventional steel, rack supported, and self-framing IMPs.  As a certified Butler Builder we utilize Kingspan Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs).  Whether a stand-alone freezer, box-in-box construction, warehouse conversion, or repair/replacement…we have a solution for you.


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