Medical Facility Commercial Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance

Buildings are always in need of periodic or even emergency maintenance. GALBRAITH is a commercial general contractor with extensive experience providing building maintenance services for hospitals and medical facilities. Several members of our team have the Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) and Infection Risk Assessment (ICRA) certificates. We are also members of The American Hospital Association (AHA) and The American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE).

Our services ensure that your building is operating at maximum efficiency and help reduce the likelihood of expensive emergency repairs later. Planned building maintenance offers many benefits. We will meet with you to discuss your facility’s needs and develop a plan of action.

  • First, we discuss how your facility runs and understand your operational processes so we can recommend feasibility of repairs and maintenance.
  • Next we provide accurate costs for maintenance work so you can budget and prepare for these expenses.
  • After the scope of the project is defined, we work with you to schedule the building maintenance project and accommodate your business needs and operations. If that requires work being done on weekends and evenings, our team and network of suppliers are available. We want to provide minimal disturbance to your staff and patients during the construction process.

If your commercial or industrial building is requiring maintenance, contact us and we would be happy to set up a time to discuss the project with you and the GALBRAITH team.

Industrial Building Maintenance


Industrial & Plant Maintenance

Before beginning an industrial or plant maintenance project, GALBRAITH takes the time to understand a facility’s operations from receiving, warehousing and production to packaging and shipping. It is important for us to have in-depth knowledge of operations in order to assist the facility in making decisions related to the feasibility of repairs, maintenance, modifications, and additions. This information helps the facility to anticipate and schedule necessary maintenance and makes a project’s budget more cost-effective by eliminating wasteful spending and designing modifications that may not be a wise investment.

Specialty Training

Specialty training, such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certification, enables the GALBRAITH team to understand the necessary requirements and choose the appropriate materials for the project. This knowledge prevents plants and facilities from being written up by authorities with jurisdiction, such as the USDA and FDA, and in some cases avoids plant shut-downs and product recalls.

GALBRAITH has industrial and plant maintenance experience in facilities in eight states. We have the expertise and network of suppliers to determine the materials and methods to best suit any condition and are determined to find the right solutions for problems. We will complete work in accordance with a facility’s production schedule, including weekends and overnight shifts if necessary, in order to accommodate your business.


Industrial Painting

GALBRAITH provides industrial painting and pipe labeling services. Pipes and tanks in industrial facilities are required by several authorities having jurisdiction to be painted in specific colors and labeled in certain ways so they can be easily identified by emergency responders in case of an emergency situation. Painting industrial pipes and tanks is also preventive maintenance that protects against rust and corrosion, ultimately saving the facility time, money and lost production in the future.


Before painting, we ensure that all old paint is scraped off and all dirt and rust is removed. The area is then primed using the highest quality primer and painted using the highest quality paint that is appropriate for the application. We can paint virtually any surface in a facility and will assess the situation and determine the best products to use. Our staff includes professional painters and we work closely with suppliers to determine the appropriate applications and products for a project.

Galbraith has experience with industrial painting for many different types of systems, including ammonia systems, fire suppression systems, steam lines, water lines and natural gas lines. We also offer painting services for railings, doors, walls, and docks.