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One of the most important pieces to manage on any construction project can’t be found on site: the budget. Sometimes we must think outside of the box to get clients the facility they need within their budget, and sometimes that lies in a smart building approach called hybrid construction.

Hybrid construction uses the strengths of both wood-frame construction and metal building systems and optimizes costs while delivering a durable and functional building. Let’s look into how they do that.

The Synergy of Wood and Metal

Wood-frame construction has been a mainstay for centuries, offering affordability, versatility, and natural insulating properties. However, it’s usually not suitable for larger projects or those requiring significant structural support—that’s where metal building systems come in.

Metal offers exceptional strength, fire resistance, and strong clear-span spaces, making it ideal for larger spaces and buildings with heavy loads. However, metal alone can be more expensive than wood and may need more natural warmth in certain applications.

The beauty of hybrid construction lies in strategically combining these materials. By leveraging the expertise of an experienced construction company, you can create a cost-effective and high-quality structure.

Let’s talk about a few ways combining wood-frame construction and metal building systems is a good option.

Building on a Budget

Using wood to frame walls and interior elements lowers overall material costs when compared to an all-metal structure. Wood can be strategically placed where it is strong enough, whereas metal is best suited for areas that require superior support.

In general, less specialized labor is needed for wood-frame construction than for intricate metal structures. This results in less labor expense and faster assembly.

Speeding up Your Project Timeline

Metal buildings often use prefabricated components, allowing for faster on-site assembly. This reduces overall construction time compared to traditional site-built methods. Comparatively, wood-frame construction is a popular method of building, which is why framing completion can be faster than intricate metalwork.

Low Maintenance

Experienced builders will recommend wood types or treatments that are best suited to your climate and application, reducing future maintenance needs. They’ll also advise you on the best metal finishes to maximize longevity. By carefully planning the placement of wood and metal, you can reduce the number of areas susceptible to moisture, which is a common concern with wood framing.

Partnering with an Expert Construction Company

Look for a construction company with experience working with wood and metal and a strong understanding of hybrid construction techniques. We’ve partnered with Butler Manufacturing™, to bring you the best in hybrid construction, and can offer you tested innovations for your project.

With experience in this type of specialized construction, a contractor can help you in a few critical ways:

  • Design Optimization: They will collaborate with you to develop a cost-effective design that utilizes wood and metal in the most appropriate locations.
  • Quality Assurance: They will ensure all construction phases, from material selection to installation, adhere to the highest quality standards.
  • Budget Management: Their experience will help you stay within budget by offering alternative material options and optimizing construction processes.

By combining the best of wood and metal construction with the expertise of a great general contractor, you can achieve a cost-effective, high-quality, and low-maintenance building customized for your specific needs and budget. It’s important you choose the right company, like GALBRAITH Pre-Design Inc. Contact us today to learn more!