Case Study, Industrial


One way of assisting our industrial clients in maximizing the amount of cubic footage in their facilities is to install racking. In this case, we are installing push-back racking. Push-back racking almost triples the amount of storage space inside a building, at a fraction of the cost of building construction. Read More

Case Study, Food Processing, Industrial


As part of our industrial maintenance services, we diagnosed and repaired several refrigerated mix tank issues for a dairy processing facility in Harrisburg, PA.

During the repair, a separate structural building issue arose, which we repaired in conjunction with the tank repair. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able Read More

Case Study, Industrial

Additional services we provide are industrial painting and pipe labeling. Facilities are required by several authorities having jurisdiction to have industrial piping painting specific colors, and have them labeled in certain manners.

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These are progress photos of an ammonia system project we are currently working on. Tanks and pipes are Read More