Construction Process, General Contracting

When was the last time you went to the post office? Or applied for a building permit? Paid a speeding ticket or used a road?

No one can deny municipal construction provide critical infrastructure. From offices to recreation centers to even airports, your municipal organization works to bring the services and facilities your community needs not only to exist but to grow.

And maybe you’re here because it’s growing. Maybe you’re just interested in municipal construction. Maybe you’re searching for options for high-quality government contractors.

Either way, you know that municipal agencies do more than provide for a community’s health and well-being. They work hard to protect their citizens with emergency services like fire departments and police stations.

Municipal construction clients have 3 main focuses:

  • Low-Maintenance
  • Energy-Efficiency
  • Best Value for the Budget

We’re here to help. From a US government program that offers a quicker RFP process for municipal, non-profit, educational, and religious clients, to designing a building with specific regulations, efficiency demands, and higher contractual oversight, GALBRAITH welcomes any chance to help the people that help our communities!


What GALBRAITH Provides as a Government Construction Contractor

With over 60 years as a top-quality commercial and industrial construction contractor, we bring a little more to the negotiating table. We understand your concerns:

  • budget constraints and limitations
  • Staying within the designated timeframe
  • Safety and regulations compliance
  • Sustainability and environmental concerns
  • Maintenance and operating costs of the new facility

Budget Worries

You’re worried your project’s budget constraints and limitations keep you from hiring one of the best construction companies in Pennsylvania, but that’s not the case!

Whether utilizing Sourcewell, a project we’ll discuss more below, or not, we bring the best in value engineering to every project. Decades of experience means we have the skill to get the most efficient, cost-effective components for your project — that’s part of The Galbraith Difference.


We know that construction timelines are a major concern for most of our government and municipal clients.

For example, government contracts for emergency repairs or disaster response projects may have very tight deadlines in order to minimize the impact of the disaster on the community. Or sometimes contracts may have specific requirements for completing the project within a certain timeframe to secure funding.

We’ve worked within tight parameters many times before and our Design Build delivery method is proven to deliver projects more efficiently than conventional methods.

Safety and Regulations

“Government oversight” is something you’re probably very used to. Increased safety demands and more regulations are usually par-for-the-course on a government project and we’re here to make sure your project meets strict requirements.

Superior safety standards and attention to detail are Standard Operating Procedures for any Galbraith project. Our team holds specialized certifications in medical, healthcare, and food processing facilities, to better serve our specialized clients.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

In December 2022, the White House announced the Federal Building Performance Standard. This hallmark event comes after years of increasingly high energy efficiency requirements for construction.

Interestingly enough, being a cold storage expert helps here. For years we’ve learned which products to use, which systems work best, and how to retrofit or remodel older buildings to meet newer standards.

When you choose Galbraith, our experienced team applies the same high standards and knowledge to your project. We’ll find the perfect balance of sustainable building solutions and energy-efficient components for your contract.

Maintenance Costs

Certain brands of sports cars are known for looking great but being expensive to fix — we’re not going to point any fingers, Consumer Reports did that for us.

The same idea can apply to buildings. “Form over function” is often ignored for municipal and government construction projects, but we can also optimize a building for long-lived components with long warranties to back your purchase.


Design Build Construction Meets the Demands of Municipal Construction


If you’re looking for a simplified, reliable construction method we suggest the Design Build process to our clients. Design Build construction puts us in charge of designing and building your project.

You won’t have to juggle different companies and Design Build usually offers faster, more efficient construction times with less expensive and time-consuming change orders.

A Design Build project keeps your project on track with consistency. As we work on your building design, we can foresee potential construction issues. We also value-engineer your project to save money from the beginning.

Combining the Design Build method with Sourcewell is a way to make your project even more efficient.


The Role of Sourcewell in Municipal and Government Building Contracts


Sourcewell helps municipal and government agencies, non-profit organizations, educational clients, and religious groups save time and money on goods and services. Think of it as a big mall, where you shop for your organization’s needs with pre-negotiated rates.

Sourcewell is a government program that exists to help communities, so you can trust that it’s fair and transparent rather than sponsored or bought listings. They have also done a lot of the work for you!

Products and services can be browsed, and signing up and participating is not only free but easy. For example, if your city needs to buy some new playground equipment, instead of spending a lot of time and effort finding suppliers and negotiating prices, you can just go to Sourcewell and see what they have.

They are focused on making the entire construction process easier for you. It guarantees you access to negotiated contracts with builders, like Galbraith, that might otherwise not have bid on your project!


How to Get Started

You want to get the best facility for your community or organization, and we can help. Getting started with Sourcewell is easy and you can register online here. To contact Galbraith for a municipal construction project or any other construction consultation, you can call us at (717) 776-6337.