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Founded in 1790, generations of Newville, Pennsylvania citizens have watched the Big Spring Creek bubble along the outskirts of the town. The native and diverse animals and plant life supported by these clear waters make it obvious why the original settlers stopped in this verdant corner of the Cumberland Valley. The historic borough remains a close community and as they prepare for the changing season construction begins on a vacant lot nestled along Big Spring Creek.

Some months ago, GALBRAITH was contacted by a client we’ve worked with many times, and they had a unique request: to construct an efficient municipal building for the borough to posthumously receive. The owners of a beautiful creek-side lot turned down several previous private offers to buy the land. They wanted it to serve a greater purpose. They wanted the land to provide something for the community that held a special spot in their heart.

Community construction projects are more than contracts. These special construction projects create buildings that serve our communities and nourish their civic, educational, and even spiritual needs. We always welcome the opportunity to complete such important projects and Allan Galbraith, President, and Co-Owner of Galbraith/Pre-Design Inc. said, “are very pleased to have these kinds of partnering relationships with our customers.”


Sourcewell can help your non profit organization!

The beautiful First Evangelical Lutheran Church during construction.


While this altruistic municipal construction project is not totally unheard of, it’s not common. Many government, educational, and non-profit organizations must complete construction projects with very limited budgets.

The RFP process can be long and does not always find the highest quality option for a construction project budget. Non-profits typically struggle with:

  • The RFP process
  • The bidding process
  • Limited options for local construction companies

How can you assure that you get the highest quality construction services for the best price?


Sourcewell: Contracts and Procurement for Construction

The traditional RFP, or request-for-proposal, process doesn’t always produce the best results. Not all commercial or industrial construction companies that are serving your area will respond and pricing can vary greatly. That’s where Sourcewell comes in.

Sourcewell streamlines the procurement process for government, municipal, educational, and non-profit construction clients. Churches, city departments, and even credit unions can utilize the program. Connecting construction contractors with Sourcewell members, the program successfully utilizes modern technology to provide the best outcome for these clients.

But how do they do it?


How Sourcewell Makes Non-Profit Construction Easy

As Sourcewell members, you can avoid the bidding process altogether, while still meeting all the requirements for the RFP process.

Sourcewell has established a cooperative purchasing program to help non-profit vendors locate contracts for supplies, construction, and other services. A “cooperative purchasing program” joins buyers and providers through a purchasing agreement. Sourcewell members can search contracts to find the goods and services they require and view the rates or prices that have already been established.

Sourcewell also assures that you meet all the requirements of your RFP competitive solicitations process. Through a simplified bid process, Sourcewell’s procurement teams handle your RFPs, advertise them, and make sure that all proper steps are taken. Their RFPs are guaranteed to meet or exceed the standards needed. They make sure it’s done right: saving you time and effort.

This video gives a good idea of how quickly and easily the process works with Sourcewell.


Getting Started With Sourcewell

So you are in charge of procurement for a non-profit organization, a government agency, or an educational system or organization and you want to take advantage of the amazingly easy Sourcewell cooperative purchasing program. Where do you start?

First, the program is free. There is no liability or obligation at all to you. Sourcewell’s application process is all online and your organization may even already be a member. After you are signed up, you search for existing contracts with Sourcewell providers, like GALBRAITH.

We operate under contract #021215-BSC, as our partnership with Butler Manufacturing allows us to work under the contract for their sister company, BlueScope Construction.





After you are registered, you search for contracts that suit your needs, like BlueScope’s (located here). You can view products and services, contract documents, and contact information.


Why Choose Galbraith

As the leading commercial and municipal builder serving Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic, we offer Sourcewell members high-quality commercial construction and institutional construction services they might otherwise not find. The cooperative purchasing program lets a Sourcewell member choose our services and get started with their project in record time.

60 years of successful commercial construction and institutional construction projects gave us the experience to create superior buildings for our clients. Our online portfolio shows you a few of the projects we’ve completed for churches and municipal organizations.


Newville District Court


Working in more than 10 states, we are well-versed in local laws and regulations in many different places. GALBRAITH team members also hold specialized certifications for working on specialized projects such as medical, healthcare, and food processing facilities.

GALBRAITH is known across the country for our meticulous, professional approach to construction. The “GALBRAITH Difference” creates a reliable budget, and our proactive approach to projects helps us see problems before they become problems. Our experienced teams can be working on your project in record time thanks to Sourcewell’s purchasing program.

Contact us for a free consultation or for more information on how to contract us for a Sourcewell project.