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Understand the benefits of a single point of contact in construction

The Design-Build project delivery system is growing in popularity in America. This unique construction process provides a one-stop shop for those entering a new project. It integrates both the design components and construction into one seamless operation with a single point of contact throughout every phase of the project.

Outside of the benefits of a single point of contact working with you, is the collaborative nature of the entire team working on the project. The designer and construction manager work together to ensure the project is on schedule, budget and in scope rather than having multiple companies working as a decentralized team.  Moreover, the benefits to the owner of the construction project are immense.

  • one company is accountable for the entire process
  • faster project delivery
  • costs are known in advance
  • cost savings through value engineering
  • reduced risks due to only dealing with one firm
  • higher project quality
  • reduced owner burden because you are just managing one company

Regardless of the type of project delivery method Galbraith is involved with, our story rings true with every customer: “…highly collaborative process that’s built on trust, teamwork, innovation and creative problem-solving.”

I have to agree with the statement made by Stephanie Anderson, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President at Creative Business Interiors, “When challenges are encountered during construction, brainstorming and creative problem-solving often involve the owner’s team as active participants, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and consider options. Everyone works together to develop innovative, adaptable solutions while avoiding excuses and blame-shifting that might otherwise occur.”

Our operational model at Galbraith is that of a design-build. We deliver the same results of the design-build delivery system, a team-management approach to all of our projects. Whether working directly for an owner or working with an owner’s design team, we work together to provide the best possible scenario for the end user. And because the majority of our projects are highly complex, it is even more critical to possess these traits. This proves that adopting a design-build model as a general contractor can indeed happen successfully.