Structural repairs and building façade improvements scheduled to begin in April 2019 at U-Haul’s Cameron St. location

Galbraith has been selected by U-Haul Co. of Harrisburg to complete extensive structural repairs and building facade improvements to their recently acquired Cameron St. location.  Work will consist of demolition, repairs, and reconstruction of the aging masonry and wood framed structure.

According to U-Haul Marketing Co. Pres., Chris Schaffer, the aging façade of the building is causing internal water leaks, and that the company is focused on improving customer experience and service.  He adds that “Galbraith was selected due to their reputation in the construction industry, as well as because of all of the different types of projects they take-on.”

“With construction scheduled to begin within the next month, Galbraith is looking forward to being a part this project to help improve U-Haul’s customer experience,” said Mark Galbraith, Vice-President, and Co-Owner of Galbraith/Pre-Design.