General Contracting

Rock removal at construction site Footer Excavation in Pennsylvania

At Galbraith Pre-Design, Inc. we strive to self-perform the majority of the work on our projects. This helps us keep track of scheduling and quality, and also provides a more cost-effective solution to our customers. We are fortunate to have had a father who was skilled in all facets of Read More

Case Study, Medical

Scan0006 (002) dentalconstructionGALBRAITH has constructed several dental office buildings in recent years.  Construction methods and architecture type have varied greatly.  Each dentist has their own tastes and preference as far as design, and we have found that dentists of private practices typically involve their entire staff in the layout of the building Read More

General Contracting

When you think of steel buildings, you probably think of, well, steel buildings. You think rigid lines. Bland. Cold. Basically, a warehouse.
And you wouldn’t be wrong. Steel buildings are used for warehouses. They do have rigid lines. We can discuss the “bland” comment later, that’s a little harsh, but Read More

Case Study, Roofing Repair


We have returned to a facility in Hammonton, NJ to complete another standing seam metal roof retrofit project.  The flat rubber canopy roof was constructed out of original cold storage panels, which had deteriorated over time due to the problematic rubber roof.

This is our second standing seam metal roof Read More

General Contracting

drywall Drywall finishing Drywall finishing DrywallDrywall hanging and finishing may not be the most exciting stage of a project – after all, it is time consuming waiting for coats of drywall mud to dry; and, not much else goes on interior wise at a project at this stage.

However, it does signify the beginning of Read More