Case Study, Roofing Repair

The above photos show damage to a structural roof member. It was caused by an unauthorized point load being placed on the beam – in this case, a chain hoist was attached to erect a piece of equipment.

The entire beam was replaced by Galbraith Pre-Design, Inc. This consisted teporarily Read More

Case Study, Food Processing

 This is one of two parts of a condensing unit, which is the major component of a current refrigeration expansion project at a food processing/cold storage facility.  The two together weigh nearly 50,000lbs.

Here, the unit is rigged, and ready to be lifted into place by a 150 ton capacity Read More

Case Study, Medical

Galbraith Pre-Design, Inc. has just been awarded a design/build contract for an expansion of the Carlisle Regional Medical Center’s cancer center.  The building will house the center’s new state-of-the-art radiation equipment, and will involve detailed structural, radiation vault, and radiation shielding components.  This is cutting edge technology – not surprising, Read More