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Recently, a bipartisan bill focused on a major problem plaguing much of the United States: failing infrastructure. With catastrophes like the August 2007 I-35W Bridge Collapse in mind, our lawmakers came together to repair the issue with the Bi-partisan Infrastructure Bill in 2021.


With the intention of keeping America competitive on the world stage, creating a strong system of electric vehicle charging stations, and rebuilding the crumbling areas of the country, contractors, construction companies, and municipal and government agencies busily began building with funding via the bill.


You can view an interactive map here to see where civil construction projects have been planned so far, what those projects entail, and their budgets. This is a great way to not only see what your state and county have planned but to research the vast types of projects.


The steady growth of projects coincides with the growth experts expect to see in infrastructure construction in 2023 — a 16% increase in civil construction starts over 2022. Projects like improvements to aviation hangars and airfields, road and bridge construction and repair, and public transit have been very popular so far.


With billions of dollars on the line and so many communities in desperate need of repair and improvement, getting to the first day we break ground may seem like an uphill battle. Securing funding and navigating the proposal process is easier said than done, and then you still must hope you chose a competent and capable construction company.


We’re here to help you choose the right company for your community project.


These projects affect us all. It’s important to us to help city, municipal, and other government organizations get the highest quality construction they can find.



How to choose a construction company for a government-funded infrastructure construction project


However you gather a list of construction companies, you should ask a few questions to determine their suitability. These are the most important topics to consider:

  • Their experience in strictly regulated construction
  • If they have the proper company resources
  • A history of quality and a good safety record and strong safety culture
  • A focus on sustainable and efficient construction solutions


An Experienced Construction Company

This one seems a given, but a construction firm that has decades of experience is usually a safe choice. General construction experience isn’t all that they need, though.


Working with government programs and within government guidelines is a separate beast. Special certifications and training keep a builder at the forefront of best practices and procedures and past experience navigating the extra rules and regulations associated with civil construction are invaluable.


Strict energy efficiency guidelines and building regulations are just par for the course on these projects. Your builder should be able to get the most for your money on these projects: taxpayer dollars should be used carefully and efficiently.

As a highly-experienced civil construction company, we chose to participate in a government-led program called Sourcewell to give clients the easiest an easy construction process.


The free program gives clients access to pre-negotiated contracts with builders. Your RFP process is handled for you, and you can easily locate thousands of products and services for your government or non-profit. This is a great way to begin a search for the specific services your project needs.


During your bidding and proposal process, make sure and research your choices. Certifications in our industry mean a builder is proud to say they stick to strict standards for safety and high-quality construction.


Finally, ask about a builder’s past experience working on government projects. The complicated regulations and procedures on these projects need to be carefully handled.


A Construction Company with the right resources to complete your infrastructure project

The 3 basic components needed for a successful construction project are: the right people, in the right place, with the right resources.


Sometimes the right resources are a rough terrain crane instead of a boom truck but other times it might be a skilled professional with certain industry knowledge. Whatever the resource may be, it’s critical that your chosen construction company can bring it or that your budget allows for subcontracting or procurement.


Choose a construction company with a history of quality construction and a good safety record

You may have heard the saying, “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” Taking your time to ensure a project is completed safely and accurately often results in a more efficient construction timeline.


Creating an environment that is safety-focused is critical. Employees should be empowered and knowledgeable enough to maintain high safety and quality standards.


Being part of industry-leading organizations, like the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association, or MBCEA, assures that a company is up-to-date on the best practices and knowledge.


In the construction industry, safety and quality go hand in hand.


A company that brings sustainable, energy-efficient construction solutions

Often, government-funded programs for civil construction demand high efficiency from the buildings and other infrastructure they produce.


Using highly efficient wall and roofing systems creates a building that can keep your heat and air conditioning at a more consistent temperature. A strong and insulated building limits the energy loss — lowering operating costs.



Where should you begin?

We established you should make sure you choose a company with experience, proper resources, a history of safety and quality, and efficient and sustainable building solutions for your civil construction project. You can also use established programs like Sourcewell to find quality contractors and procure products and services easier than ever.


Choosing a construction company for an infrastructure project can impact entire communities, and we want to help you choose the right company for your beloved community.


Need more help or want to request a consultation? Contact us today at or (717) 776-6337.