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Generation Z is Interested in Construction—Here’s How to Help them Get There

The construction industry has a lot to offer for those who are considered part of “Generation Z,” born between 1995 and 2010. The industry is a promising career field for them for a couple of reasons—the important thing is advertising this in a way that resonates with Gen Zers.

Why the Construction Field is Appealing to Generation Z

A few outstanding characteristics about this generation contribute to them being a good match for the construction industry.

  • Older Family Experience: Gen Zers witnessed their parents, siblings, and other older family members suffer financially with the recession or paying college tuition and developed a general fear of debt, particularly from higher education loans. A study from GenZ@Work, 75 percent of the generation feel that there are other worthy alternatives than going to college to get a good education, hint hint—such as construction.
  • Desire for Career Advancement: According to Barna, 66 percent of Generation Z want to be started in a career before they’re 30, compared to just 51 percent of millennials feeling this way. There’s a very clear path in the construction industry to have a solidified career at a young age, and potential to own one’s own business.
  • Technologically-Advanced Skillsets: Today’s high schoolers and college students are growing up with technology surrounding them, offering a digitally native set of skills. These are a good match for the construction industry, which is constantly evolving with new advancements to help make the processes on construction sites safer and more efficient.

How to Attract Gen Zers

There are a few ways to effectively get your message across to these aspiring future professionals:

  • Start early. The most important part of appealing to members of this age group is to advertise to them early. With their concerns for financial success, many are already thinking about their future career field while still in high school, and paying attention to possible mentors around them. Exposing them to the opportunities the construction field has in store while they’re in early consideration and exploration phases is important. In particular, show the path of how career and skills advancement can occur for them.
  • Promote social responsibility. Members of this generation deeply care for philanthropic and socially conscious actions. Choose a fundraising outlet, charity, way of volunteering, or global mission to pledge your company to, and promote your efforts of supporting it. This can significantly resonate with members of Generation Z.
  • Use technology. Just as they are preparing to bring new technology to the field, this is how they currently get much of their information, along with the type of work they are attracted to. Advertise the usage of drones, 3D modeling, virtual reality, and more in the construction industry through social media and online communication campaigns.

Overall, we’re at a great intersection in the construction industry, where young professionals have career interests aligned perfectly with what the industry has to offer. To learn more about Galbraith’s fit in the industry, get to know us a little better.